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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deodexed firmware for Samsung galaxy sl i9003

Deodexed firmware means the firmware that is lighter then stock(original) rom/firmware and bloatware has been removed from it so all deodexed firmware are lighter and fast in use.

Here is the Download Links: - 104 MB
 (new) - 104 MB (new) - 100 MB (new) - 104 MB (new) - 117 MB - 117 MB (116.1 MB) 

New Link to DDKP2 Deodex File: Link2 (115.11 MB)
Deodex_XXKPQ Credit: Manrock

New Link to XXKPQ Deodex File: Link2

Deodex_XXKPN Credit: jZanetti (113.5 MB) (108.26 MB) (117.01 MB) ( 107 MB)

Delete unwanted Apps (202.52 KB)


Other CF-ROOT's


For Flashing XXKPM (Via ODIN)
1. Flash xxkpe pit,apboot,pda,phone,csc.
2. Falsh xxkpm (pda)

For CWM Recovery and Rooting:
3. First Install CF-ROOT. Pl. refer to the CF-ROOT link. Flash it through ODIN as pda.

For De-Odexing:

4. Copy the to the root of the external SD card.
5. Go to CWM Recovery mode and flash the zip.
6. Done De-Odexing.
7. Reboot (Delete does not work without rebooting after de-odexing)
8. Flash from CWM Recovery to delete unwanted apps.

How to enable CRT animation on samsung galaxy sl ?

  • Phone must be rooted

How to install?

  1. download the zip file and flash it over cwm.
  2. Download link :

For details see this video

How to transfer Gameloft games to external sd card in samsung galaxy sl?

There is an application called "GL to sd" in the android market ,it can transfer all gameloft and some other games data to the external sd card,.which saves a lot of our internal phone must be rooted to use this app, only the negative point is that after  transferring your games data.,next time when you want to open the game, you have to open it from this app..

Market Link : GL to SD

Chinese keyboard for Samsung galaxy sl i9003


Download the 2 attachment&Unzip .
Flash the file via cwm recovery

Installed with root explorer
permission: rw-r--r--

Download links :

Superb Fonts for Samsung Galaxy SL-I9003

Here is the link of installable APKs for the phone.

Download link: FONT COLLECTION

How to install ?
  1. Extract zip file.
  2. Transfer APKs to phone.
  3. Install it and check out font in settings,entry will be available of installed font.

Latest swype keyboard for Samsung Galaxy SL-I9003

  • Phone must be rooted
  • Root Explorer application(Link)
  • Swype.apk & (download links are below)

Procedure: (ALWAYS, Backup files. Just in case!)
  1. Download the 2 files given from the links below.
  2. Open Root Explorer.
  3. Paste the downloaded Swype.apk to "/system/app " folder.
  4. Now paste the to "/system/lib " folder
  5. Close root Explorer and reboot phone.


Swype.apk : :

 Not working on other phones...Only for SGSL-I9003

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Latest gingerbread firmwares for Galaxy SL-I9003

Firmware name : I9003XXKPU 

Version : 2.3.6

Download link : http//

Valid countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom 

Firmware name :  I9003JPKPM

Version : 2.3.6

Download link : I9003JPKPM_XSG   And I9003JPKPM_XSS

Valid countries : UAE

How to install :
My previous tutorial link: Installation of GB rom using ODIN